As we continue the shift to the new normal of social distancing, what should we be aware of and what is available to us?

The National Institute on Aging recently published an article entitled Cognitive Health and Older Adults which outlines the importance of taking care of your physical health, eating healthy foods, being physically active, keeping your mind active, staying connected with social activities and reducing risks to your cognitive health.  This is good advice and applies to all ages.  Many of these things can continue to be done while social distancing, yet we are now challenged on the normal connectivity with social activities.

There are alternative ways to interact with others under the current COVID-19 social distancing protocol.  Here are some ideas to help you stay socially active in a virtual way.

Want to learn?

LinkedIn Learning: Many have been required to work from home, LinkedIn Learning has a Remote Working Learning Path with 16 courses aimed at keeping you and your teams productive and successful.  These courses include: Time Management: Working from Home; Managing Stress for Positive Change; Leading at a Distance; Leading Virtual Meetings; Learning Microsoft Teams / Skype / Bluejeans / WebEx / Zoom.

Want to watch a movie?

35 Best Movies on Netflix: Need a break from what is going on in the world?  This article outlines 35 of the best movies currently being offered on Netflix.

Want to hang out with others?

Virtual Hangouts: You can organize virtual events and other interested friends or family members can meet through a conferencing website. Some great websites and apps include: Zoom, which is a free video conferencing service; Microsoft Teams and Google Hangout also provide trial periods for free. Try a virtual reunion or a hump day happy hour.  There is even Houseparty if you’re looking for a virtual game night with classics like Trivia and Pictionary.

Want to work?

How to Actually Work from Home: This Harvard Business Review video gives insightful yet easy tips to be more productive while working from home.

Miss the arts and travel?

Virtual Tours around the World: Do you enjoy the Metropolitan Museum of Art?  Have you always wanted to go to the Louvre Museum in Paris? You can take virtual tours of zoos from around the world and visit our national parks or famous.  Follow this link to an article featuring 25 must-see virtual tours from around the world.

The Arts for no charge:  Some of the best of music and theater are being offered for viewing at no cost. Normally, performances from the New York Metropolitan Opera and Broadway are not in a normal budget, but both are offering free encore performances streamed to you. Check out what’s available through this article from NPR.

Grandchildren hanging with you?

Teachable Moments: Watch a spacecraft land on Mars and make it a real-world engagement in STEM. Teachable Moments look at the latest space missions and discoveries from NASA.

Ranger Rick to the Rescue: Ranger Rick is the National Wildlife Federation’s kids’ magazine (named for a resourceful raccoon).  Until the end of June, Rick’s website will be free to all visitors, including outdoor activity ideas, guides for kids and educators as well as the digital editions of the magazine.

Going on a Bear Hunt: “Bear Hunts” are popping up everywhere. This initiative is helping children cope with the long period of being away from family and friends. Parents and residents come together on social media to spread the word about the bear hunt, and teddy bears started appearing in windows. Just put a teddy bear in the window, and families can track the “bear sightings” when they get out to walk or drive through the community. For more details, read the article attached here.

Want to exercise?

Read this article and have more than 25 live-stream at home workout classes.

Feeling the spring cleaning?

Here are a few articles and books on cleaning and organizing:

Review (or start) your estate planning?

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