Estate Planning

Your estate is everything you own — your home, car, real estate, accounts, investments, life insurance, and personal property. Comprehensive estate planning is the process of looking at everything you own, your family and putting into place what you need to protect them. It is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your family to protect them during your lifetime and after you are gone.

How We Can Help

Just like no two people are alike, no two estate plans should be identical. At Marshall, Parker & Weber, we pay particular attention to the details of your family. We take the time to ask questions and listen to your answers so we can provide you with our expert recommendations and ensure you are protected for the future.

How to get started and what to expect.

What Our Clients are Saying

“From my very first phone call to your office everyone was courteous, professional and efficient. Matt was very thorough and clear with his presentation and advice. On the day that we came to pick-up our documents, I mentioned to Matt and Patti Jo that my wife was going to the hospital for a procedure and possible heart valve replacement. Two weeks later, Patti Jo called just to see how that all went. I thought that was courtesy above and beyond. I later had to call Patti Jo on two occasions with some questions. The first time she knew the answer and helped me right away. The second time, she said she would have to consult with Matt and email me an answer. She did and it was two days sooner than she said she would.”


Unsure About What You
Need in an Estate Plan?

Everyone can benefit from estate planning documents, but every situation is different. Figuring out what documents make sense for you can be challenging and confusing. We’ve created this estate planning tool to help you decide.