Education and knowledge has always been the cornerstone of our mission at Marshall, Parker & Weber. For years we have provided free educational seminars to seniors, their families and anyone interested in learning more about these topics.

Each presentation is designed with you in mind. We always allow time for questions and answers with one of our experienced elder law attorneys and send you home with useful handouts and resources. Whenever possible, we encourage spouses and families to attend together. You will also have an opportunity to schedule your initial office consultation if you choose.

You can register online or simply call 1-800-401-4552. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call 1-800-401-4552 or email us at


Aging Comfortably - How Estate Planning Can Help You Manage the Stress of Aging.

It seems like getting older never gets any easier. But what if you had the opportunity to spend some quality time with an attorney who could give you a direct answer to your questions? Someone who could give you a starting point for concerns like paying for care, financial independence, and making sure you still get to spend quality time with your family.

Brendan's Towne Tavern

April 18, 6 PM

The Buttery Biscuit

May 23, 9:00 AM

Orlando's Restaurant

June 13, 6 PM

Video Drops

No upcoming webinars

March 15, 2023

My Loved One Needs a Nursing Home: What Documents Should I have For Their Admission?

Presented By Certified Elder Law Attorney Tammy A. Weber
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