COVID-19 Update

We’re open for virtual and emergency in-person appointments.

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly launched all of us into new territory. You may be spending more time with your family than ever. You may be worried about your parents in another town, who you can’t see without putting them at a greater risk.

Or, your loved one is in the nursing home, which is on lock down, and you’re not permitted to visit. Your parents may be living independently, and you’re struggling to keep them away from the grocery store.

We are here for you, and we know that there are some other things that may be running through your mind as well.

  • I just lost my job. How am I going to keep up with nursing home payments for mom and dad?
  • My 19-year-old son is off at college in New York City. And though his university has closed, he has decided to stay with his roommate’s family. What if he gets sick? Will I be able to call and get medical information from the hospital?
  • I take care of my 24-year-old disabled niece and she needs money for food. Am I able to access her ABLE account?
  • My father just got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. He still understands some things but doesn’t have a Power of Attorney. Is it too late?
  • I am the primary Caregiver for my mother. Is there a way I can be reimbursed for that role?
  • How can I most effectively use the extra time on my hands due to social distancing and/or sheltering in place? Maybe I should start a conversation about estate planning with my loved ones.

We are here to help.

Please know that Marshall, Parker & Weber is open for virtual and emergency in-person business and we’re eager to help.

We have many protocols in place to protect you and our staff. We can meet with you in person, while observing various safeguards, or by phone, listen to your unique situation and develop a customized plan and documents and/or assist you with getting public benefits for your loved one.

Call now to schedule at 1-800-401-4552

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