Business Succession Planning

If you own a small family business, you understand that just as every family is unique, every family business is unique. If it is time for you to develop a succession plan to transition your family company to the next generation, you should work with a team of trusted advisors who not only grasp the complexities of business and tax laws, but who will also take the time to develop the relationship necessary to understand each family’s unique dynamics.

How We Can Help

While business succession planning is not one-size-fits-all, a successful plan will often involve a multi-step process to facilitate transfer of both equity and control of your company to the chosen successor. We can assist in helping you achieve the following goals in your succession plan:

What Our Clients are Saying

“Our confidence in Tammy and Karen grows every time we meet with them. They eased us through selling our business to our daughter and son-in-law with sensitivity and concern. We’ll continue to rely on Marshall, Parker & Weber to continue our personal estate planning.”


Unsure About What You
Need in an Estate Plan?

Everyone can benefit from estate planning documents, but every situation is different. Figuring out what documents make sense for you can be challenging and confusing. We’ve created this estate planning tool to help you decide.
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