By North Central Sight Services, Inc.

With the help of technology, North Central Sight Services, Inc. is expanding capabilities of the visually impaired in our region. In January, North Central Sight Services, Inc. launched a campaign to raise funds for eSight eyewear. These enhanced eyeglasses use an ultra-high definition video stream through a camera to improve image quality and clarity for individuals who are visually impaired.  eSight eyewear works by converting images that an individual sees into images that can be manipulated in size, contrast, and color – all in real time. It has helped people with Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, Stargardt’s Disease, and other conditions.

North Central Sight Services is the second agency in the country to utilize eSight to increase job opportunities for individuals who are visually impaired. The agency identified twelve individuals in its industry employment program that could benefit from eSight. One unit costs approximately $15,000. With the help of donations and support from events such as Raise the Region and Dining in the Dark, North Central Sight Services, Inc. was able to purchase two eSight eyeglass units. The goal for 2016 is five units.

Support North Central Sight Services, Inc. and give the gift of eSight.  To learn more about eSight and to make a secure contribution online, visit

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