Patti Jo Turner’s path to Marshall, Parker & Weber has been an unconventional one, but one that she has enjoyed travelling.  It even includes some fun facts.  She graduated from Lock Haven University with a degree in Early Childhood Education.  Fun fact #1: She was lucky enough to complete a portion of her student teaching at the International School in Brussels, Belgium.  While in Europe, she attended a Mass at the Vatican (by accident) and met Billy Crystal (also by accident).  She loved teaching pre-school and kindergarten, and in a round-about way, that is how she met her husband, Jim.  They will be celebrating their 23rd anniversary this summer!

Along the way, Patti and Jim moved to Harrisburg for five years where she worked in the insurance industry, but they came back “home” to Williamsport.  They raised three children, Christina, Kyle, and Mia.  By this time next year, the youngest will be off to college, and her third granddaughter will have arrived.  Fun fact #2:  The little ones call her Gigi.  Her family also includes her parents, Jim and Sally Robinson, and she is so grate-

PJ and family

ful that they get to see each other so often.  Fun fact #3:  She has three sisters, and ALL of them have the initials “P.J.” (Yes, it’s true).

Fun fact #4: PJ loves to sing!  It is one of her greatest joys, and she firmly believes that you don’t need to be good, just enthusiastic.  If she can sing while relaxing on the patio, then she is having the perfect day. If she’s at work, she will reluctantly tone it down to a hum.  She is also a member of the Williamsport Kiwanis Club and is looking forward to working with them in the upcoming year.

In her 18 years with the firm, she has held a number of positions.  As a Case Manager, she works along with the attorney to assist with the estate planning process.  She genuinely enjoys getting to know her clients.  She has extensive experience with complex estate planning business succession cases.  In addition, she serves as the firm’s Director of Staff Education, identifying training needs and getting new employees off to a good start.

[Picture: Patti Jo Turner with her son Kyle, husband Jim, daughter Christine and daughter Mia.]

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