If you are in an accident and unable to provide emergency personnel with vital information about your health or medications, valuable time is lost and your care may not be as effective as it could be.

PennDOT is partnering with the state departments of Health and Aging, the Pennsylvania State Police, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, first responders, and local law enforcement to help ensure that you get the best possible treatment as quickly as possible.

The program is called Yellow Dot.  You place a bright yellow dot decal in the rear window of your vehicle.  This is a signal to the first responder to look in the glove box for a yellow envelope containing your emergency contact information, medication lists, allergies, and more.

When completing the Yellow Dot forms, consider if your legal documents pertaining to health care are up to date.  If you don’t have a Health Care Power of Attorney (“POA”), or are unclear if it covers all situations, please review who makes health care decisions to find out.  Ideally, the Agent or Agents named in your Health Care POA will be the same as the emergency contacts in your Yellow Dot kit.

Yellow Dot is free and open to anyone.  Surely many seniors will see an obvious benefit, but this program will benefit individuals of all ages with complex or unique medical conditions.

You can request the Yellow Dot kit online at www.YellowDot.pa.gov or by calling 717.787.6746.


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