Protecting Your Family

Just like putting on a helmet, it’s what you do.
Whether you've just purchased your first home, are starting a family, or are helping a loved one with the transition to a personal care home, adding estate planning to your list is important. It's about protecting everything you care about in the world.

We can help. Here are four life milestones where you can truly plan to live and protect your wishes.


Settling Down

The first time that most people will think about any sort of estate planning is when they get married or start a family. By making plans early, you can answer questions that are much harder to address in the midst of a crisis.


Growing Your Assets

Think of estate planning like another form of insurance. Why not prepare for something that is actually a certainty? If there are assets, such as buying a home, there should be an estate plan.



Often people who create directives earlier in their life do not revisit them. Perhaps dynamics in the relationships with beneficiaries have shifted, or maybe you anticipate needing to tap into Medicaid as an option for healthcare. Take time at retirement to review.



The process of aging is one of the most sensitive topics to plan for in life. It is easy to become overwhelmed at the thought of planning for end of life care. It is, however, essential due to the staggering costs of nursing home care.

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It’s not just something we do. It’s everything we do.

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