Gas Royalty Planning

The Marcellus shale is creating exciting new opportunities for many Pennsylvania families. However, much of this wealth can be lost unless landowners understand their options and get expert legal planning to maximize and protect it.

Signing the lease is only the first step for landowners. A gas lease has the potential to produce life-changing wealth through royalty income that may continue for many years. Planning to protect this wealth for yourself and your family is the next crucial step.

When we meet with Marcellus landowners at Marshall, Parker & Weber, we will:

  • Discuss how your future royalty income may impact your planning goals.
  • Evaluate your circumstances and help you decide which techniques will work best for you.
  • Review whether a Family Limited Partnership or LLC may be an appropriate option to minimize your tax liability and protect your land and wealth for your family.
  • Decide if a Family Asset Protection Trust is a possible option to protect your assets from long-term care costs.

We are the trusted source for expert legal advice that families need to maintain their wealth and protect it for future generations.

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