Firm Overview

Families can easily feel overwhelmed when making decisions that will significantly impact them financially, emotionally, and physically during their lifetimes and when they are gone.

At Marshall, Parker & Weber, our goal is to use our expertise in providing each of our clients with a unique plan tailored to their particular goals and circumstances.

How We Can Help

Marshall, Parker & Weber has the expertise needed to:

  • Create a comprehensive estate plan (wills, trusts, powers of attorney) that will protect what is important to our clients during their lifetime and after they are gone.
  • Provide customized planning options to protect our clients’ assets from the high cost of nursing home, personal care home, or home care services.
  • Accelerate our clients’ qualification for Medicaid, Veteran’s Benefits and other government programs when a long-term stay in a nursing facility or personal care home becomes necessary.
  • Minimize tax liabilities and create a succession plan for business owners, high net-worth clients, and landowners in the Marcellus region of Pennsylvania.
  • Develop a unique estate plan that provides specific provisions for a special needs child or family member without disinheriting that individual.

Our Commitment to Specialization

The laws governing estate planning, asset preservation and long-term care planning are complicated and constantly changing. Marshall, Parker & Weber realized many years ago that to provide the highest-quality services to our clients, we needed to specialize in this constantly-changing area of the law. Consulting with an attorney who focuses exclusively on the needs of seniors for estate planning is just like consulting with a medical specialist. It provides an extra level of knowledge and assurance to our clients and their families.

Our Expertise

We are proud to have two attorneys on our team who have been Certified as Elder Law Attorneys (CELAs) by the National Elder Law Foundation under authorization from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.  A CELA is a lawyer who has met the high standards required for certification as an elder law specialist by the National Elder Law Foundation. In order to attain certification as a CELA, lawyers are required to pass an elaborate screening process that includes a day-long written examination, at least 16 hours per week practicing elder law and at least 60 elder law matters during the three years preceding the application, peer references from 5 other elder law NELF Logoattorneys, and continuing legal education. Few lawyers have the knowledge required to become certified. The passage rate on the certification exam in recent years has been under 30%.

Our attorneys have won numerous awards and are frequently quoted by national publications on issues related to elder law, planning for owners of gas leases, special needs planning and estate planning.  Attorney Marshall’s book, Elder Law in Pennsylvania, was the recipient of the 2006 award for Outstanding Achievement in Publications chosen by the International Association for Continuing Legal Education (ACLEA).

Attorney Matthew Parker has earned national acclaim with his win in a landmark decision in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in the spousal annuity case of James v. Richman. As a result, the case established specialized Medicaid annuities as a means of protecting the financial resources of married couples when one spouse needs nursing home care.

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