How to Avoid Medicaid Estate Recovery

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It is an unfortunate reality of aging. If we live long enough most of us will eventually have a chronic condition or illness that limits our ability to do some basic tasks. We may need help with household chores, shopping, money management, medications or transportation. Or we may need assistance with so-called “activities of daily […]

The Medical Assistance Estate Recovery Program

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A topic that frequently elicits questions from clients is the Medical Assistance Estate Recovery Program. There is a lot of information and misinformation out there about the program. The Medical Assistance Estate Recovery Program is administered in Pennsylvania by the Department of Human Services. The Program allows the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to be reimbursed for […]

Governor to Privatize Pennsylvania Estate Recovery Collections

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The Corbett Administration is moving to privatize the collection of estate recoveries from the estates of older Medical Assistance (Medicaid) recipients. What is Estate Recovery?   Federal law (42 U.S.C.§ 1396p(b)) requires Pennsylvania to seek to be repaid (“recover”) for money spent by the Medicaid program to provide long term care services to persons age […]

Medical Assistance Estate Recovery

Will Estate Recovery Take My Home When I Die? Written By: Jeffrey A. Marshall, Esquire, Of Counsel Most people in nursing homes cannot pay for the full cost of their care. They receive financial help through the government Medicaid program (which is called “Medical Assistance” in Pennsylvania). The Medical Assistance rules do not force you […]

Estate Administration

Estate Administration: Probate, Executor of an Estate, Inheritance Tax At Marshall, Parker & Weber, we understand the stress that is involved when a loved one passes away. There are so many things that need to be done all while you and your family members are grieving. We know the estate administration process can be overwhelming, […]