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Why Choose A Life Care Planning Law Firm?

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The Elder Law Firm of Marshall, Parker & Weber has been in business for over 30 years. During that time, we have become one of the premier elder law firms in Pennsylvania. Scores of clients have been assisted by our staff in the preservation of their savings from the costs of long term care.

More and more of our clients are seeking to stay at home when receiving long term care. In fact, the growth in our long term care industry is in home based caregiving. Mirroring this trend is the growth of family caregiving. There are now 10 million family caregivers in the country.

These families are struggling with the stressful and sometimes overwhelming task of caregiving. Whether it is a child caring for an older adult or a spouse as the caregiver, they have to develop a plan of care for their loved one. Where do they find the best care, how do they pay for it and how do they adapt to the constantly evolving caregiving needs?

I have found that elder law firms tend to be ill-equipped to serve this growing need for coordinating the care in the home setting. While we have always provided advice on protecting assets, acquiring government benefits and drafting documents like powers of attorney, not all elder law firms can help their clients coordinate the caregiving in the home.

Life Care Planning is the service that Marshall, Parker & Weber offers to address this growing demand for assistance with home based care. In many cases, a Life Care Plan will include our traditional services, such as preparation of the documents and help with getting government benefits to pay for someone’s care. But the third component known as “Care Coordination” covers the activities associated with finding good care for the client;  this includes coordinating the care and helping the client find the resources to pay for the care.

There are several qualities that make an elder law firm a good fit for these Care Coordination services: 1) Knowledge – we know more about the resources, benefits and legal issues, 2) Advocacy – as a representative for the family, we can more effectively get issues resolved with care providers, and 3) Experience – we can bundle our legal services with Care Coordination, such as document preparation and assistance with acquiring financial benefits to pay for the care.

In addition, the firm provides the role as a liaison for the family. With children scattered about the country, the firm serves as a local representative who regularly checks in on the loved one and then reports back to the family. Our role as the care coordinator helps to alleviate some of the worry surrounding a loved one’s care.

Life Care Planning provides a holistic approach to elder law. No longer is the firm limited to legal services alone. A client who needs help with getting care in the home can now be assisted by our experienced Elder Care Coordinators who can help them implement a Life Care Plan. If you sense your loved one is in need of a home based plan of care, please contact us for a free consultation to discuss Life Care Planning.