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What it Means to be an Elder Care Coordinator

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I have a passion. A passion that drives me to work to my fullest potential each and every day as I walk through the door to my office. This passion has me excited to come to work each day; it has me thinking about work while I am at home…

My passion is working to protect and advocate for each of my elderly clients. I pride myself on giving each person the respect and attention that he deserves and on conducting the proper assessments and making the most appropriate recommendations at the right time. I enjoy working with my clients to create plans that cater to their specific needs, wishes and goals. Safety is always in the front of my mind and I only make recommendations that I would feel comfortable making for my family.

My title is Elder Care Coordinator.

What exactly does this mean? In simple terms, I work with clients who decide that Life Care Planning is appropriate for them. It means that I get to meet new people all the time and help them remain at home, safely and independently, for as long as possible.

How do I do that? I meet with our clients to determine their wishes and goals. After learning about my clients, I perform assessments on them, their support networks, and their homes and gather a medical history that allows me to paint a holistic picture of each person.

I put together an action plan with recommendations for how to meet our clients’ goal. I monitor this plan and make changes as they are necessary. This allows me to adapt the plan as the client’s needs change. As changes occur in level of care needs, I locate and recommend the most appropriate facilities, assist with the application process, the transition to the new living space and provide ongoing monitoring. I get to follow people through the various stages of their lives.

 So what does all of this mean? It means that I get to walk through my door everyday and know that, in some way, I will positively affect someone’s life. I work to improve the quality of life for our elderly clients, relieve stress of family and caregivers and help people make informed decisions about what is best for them in their current situations.

I can help you get through the health care maze, I can help you feel comfortable with choices that have to be made and I can give you peace of mind knowing that I am just a phone call away.

 I love my work and I want you to love working with me.