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What is Probate?

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One of the questions I answer with great frequency for clients and acquaintances alike is – what is probate? A common follow up question I am usually asked is how to avoid probate. What is Probate? Probate is the process that we use to wrap up certain financial affairs of the deceased. The main objective […]

Should Older Adults Wait to Get a Flu Shot?

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I was planning to get my flu shot this week. I see the signs (advertisements) every time I visit the supermarket or drug store. About two weeks ago my wife received a mailer from Wegmans Pharmacy saying “It’s time to get your flu shot.” So, I figured this must be the right time to get […]


How to Avoid Medicaid Estate Recovery

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It is an unfortunate reality of aging. If we live long enough most of us will eventually have a chronic condition or illness that limits our ability to do some basic tasks. We may need help with household chores, shopping, money management, medications or transportation. Or we may need assistance with so-called “activities of daily […]

PACE (LIFE) Program Rules Being Updated

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PACE is a Medicare and Medicaid funded program that provides comprehensive medical and social services to enable older adults to live in the community instead of a nursing home. Pennsylvania has been a national leader in promoting the PACE concept. On a national level, the program is referred to as PACE (Program of All-inclusive Care […]

Documenting your Wishes with an Advance Directive

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Advance care planning is a process through which you consider your personal values about medical treatment and the care you want to receive at the end of life, discuss those values with your family and others close to you, and complete documents that record those decisions for the future.  It is the best way to help […]