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Helping our Elderly Parents Avoid Scams

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[By Josephine Reviello, Case Manager] I recently read an article titled “Why Do Elderly Parents Fall For Scams That Seem So Obvious To Us?” by Carolyn Rosenblatt. I immediately thought of a past client of mine who had a financial planner who scammed him out of thousands of dollars. My client was wealthy, alone, never married, […]

ABLE Account Legislation Introduced in Pennsylvania

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Two separate bills have been introduced in the Pennsylvania Legislature to authorize the use of ABLE Accounts by Pennsylvania residents. House Bill 444 is sponsored by Republican Representative Todd Stephens. House Bill 583 is sponsored by Democrat Dan Miller and others. ABLE accounts are a new form of tax free savings account for individuals who […]

The Big 4 Legal Documents for Seniors

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Listed below are four important legal documents that older adults should have. #1, #2 and #3 are needed by all; #4 is optional depending on your specific circumstances. A Power of Attorney for Financial Matters, where you name a trusted person to manage financial affairs for you in the event of your incapacity and in […]