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From Legal Documents to Elder Care Planning

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Many times it is a catastrophic event that brings a client through our doors. Usually there are options available to protect assets and get people qualified for public assistance help in paying for the care that they need.

But people often need more than just legal documents and information on how to protect their assets. They have questions about what is going to happen next to their loved one and whether or not they will be able to return home after a stay in the hospital or in a nursing home. People need to find out what resources are available, how much they cost, how to find them and how to determine which are the most reliable.

Marshall, Parker and Weber clients are fortunate to have the option to work with a care manager who is knowledgeable about the services and programs that are available and know which ones are best to utilize. This takes individualized planning to the next level.

Our care managers can help coordinate the services necessary to keep someone in the home safely. They know about a wide range of services such as

  • non-medical home care companies and the services that they provide,
  • medical home care companies that can come into the home for observation or for skilled care,
  • durable medical equipment supply companies,
  • pharmacies that offer pill box services and home delivery,
  • carpenters and handymen companies that will modify the home and even change light bulbs,
  • active adult centers,
  • independent living centers,
  • personal care homes,
  • nursing homes, and
  • ways to troubleshoot problems that arise with your loved ones’ health.

The care manager is like a second set of eyes for the family. She gets to know her clients, their needs, wishes and preferences so that in the event that there is a hospital visit or a change in level of care, the care manager can make the most appropriate recommendations. The care manager is a problem-solver for her client families. When they have questions about anything from health concerns, home safety or even transportation to a doctor’s appointment, the care manager has answers.

Our care managers can even resolve such mundane issues as how often a client should have certain hair services performed in a facility when family is out of town.

Marshall, Parker and Weber care managers can help families get finances under control when a care recipient is trying to maintain their independence, but is having a great deal of trouble writing out checks and ensuring that they are dropped in the mail on time. We are trained in how to maintain our clients’ dignity and get just the right amount of help for their specific needs.

At the end of the day, the care manager becomes an extension of the family. The relationship that is built between the care manager, the client and the family is meaningful and trustworthy. Clients can call or email any time and the care manager has the flexibility to stop by a client’s home, wherever that may be, meet them at a doctor’s appointment or even at a hospital as needed. We assist clients in making difficult decisions by educating them about their options.

And most importantly, we get to help people maintain their quality of life, which, at the end of the day is what we all want, isn’t it?