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Employee Spotlight: Laura McCloskey

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If you have called the firm of Marshall, Parker & Weber in the last three years chances are you have spoken to Laura McCloskey, our scheduling coordinator. Laura joined the Marshall, Parker & Weber family in September, 2011 as an Administrative Assistant.

As the Scheduling Coordinator, Laura assists potential and existing clients in finding the best time to come to one of our four offices to meet with our attorneys. She also handles the sometimes daunting task of scheduling for the 19 employees of Marshall, Parker & Weber.

Laura enjoys talking with the clients of Marshall, Parker & Weber. She has a special place in her heart for the elderly.

Laura was born and raised in Jersey Shore. She is the second of four children. Her older sister Brandi is two years older. Her brother Jared is ten years younger. The baby of the family, Janel, is seventeen years younger than Laura. Laura gets her talkative nature from her mother, Penny.

Laura still lives in Jersey Shore with her significant other, Mark. They will celebrate their 10 year anniversary this year. Laura McCloskey bio image

Laura enjoys reading, gardening and walking her dogs. She has three, Alexis, Shadow and Molly. Alexis, her 13 year old Pit Bull, has been Laura’s walking partner for over twelve years. Shadow, her 8 year old Black Labrador, won her heart four years ago when she adopted him from the SPCA. Laura “inherited” Molly, her 9 year old Weimaraner, from her first owner, Jean, a year ago, after walking Molly for Jean for over five years. People always comment about how well behaved her dogs are while out on walks. Laura’s philosophy on that is a tired dog is a happy (and good) dog.