Our Story

When Certified Elder Law Attorney Jeff Marshall graduated from Stanford Law School in 1972, he never imagined that a few decades later he would be known as the “Father of Elder Law” in Pennsylvania. At that time, the term “elder law” didn’t even exist.  It wasn’t until 1979 when his mother passed away after a long battle with cancer that Marshall realized how much expert guidance and planning is needed for families struggling through a loved one’s long-term illness.

“When my mother got sick, my family didn’t know what to do,” said Marshall. “I was a highly educated lawyer, and my family turned to me for guidance, but I didn’t have any answers for them. This wasn’t something they taught us in law school.”

When he returned to Pennsylvania in 1980, Attorney Marshall opened a law office and worked hard to learn all he could about the legal, financial, and health care problems facing seniors. Over time he developed planning techniques and options that his clients could use to protect themselves and their families.

Word quickly spread that there was a lawyer who could help families faced with devastating nursing home costs. People from all over Northcentral Pennsylvania sought his advice.  Soon Marshall realized he needed to limit his practice to the fields of elder law, estate planning and estate administration. “The government programs and laws facing seniors are so complicated and change so quickly that I had to specialize,” Marshall said. “That is the only way I could provide my clients with the best legal advice.”

Now, more than 30 years later, the law Firm of Marshall, Parker & Weber has become nationally recognized as experts on elder law and estate planning issues. “We are proud of our reputation of being the premier elder law specialists.” said Attorney Marshall. “Our reputation reflects the quality of our work and our love for what we do.  I am so honored that over the past 30 years our firm has been able to help thousands of families who were struggling with the issues my family faced in 1979.  Whether its estate and lifetime legal planning tools like powers of attorney and trusts, benefit programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Veterans benefits, or financial planning tools like annuities, we have the experience and knowledge to help our clients achieve their goals. That is what Marshall, Parker & Weber is all about.”

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