Estate Administration

When a loved one passes away, there are so many things that need to be done while a family is grieving. At Marshall, Parker & Weber, we walk our clients through the entire probate process and relieve a great deal of their burden.

Our attorneys and case managers have decades of experience handling simple and complicated estates. We know what to expect and how to prepare our clients.  And, we never let them feel like they are administering an estate alone.

At Marshall, Parker & Weber, we …

  • Accompany our clients to the courthouse to be sworn in as executor or executrix.
  • Work to protect the executor, family and heirs from creditor claims.
  • Collect and re-title assets.
  • Prepare and file state and federal inheritance tax returns according to the most recent tax codes and rules.
  • Pay debts, distribute assets, prepare family settlement agreements, accountings and other paperwork.