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Caregiver Tips: Slow Down

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As Caregivers, we constantly find ourselves rushed; we are pulled in too many directions, spread too thin, constantly thinking about the next thing on our list that we need to do. Sometimes, any number of small things can throw a wrench into our already hectic life and really set us off. That extra trip to the bathroom when we are already one foot out the door, the lost purse, the missing dentures, the disappearing glasses- any one of these things can be disastrous to us when we are already running late.

But at the end of the day, what kind of disaster did any of these events really cause? Were we five minutes late somewhere? You know that five minutes later, our loved ones have already forgotten about the incident. Guess what? You should too. And you should also slow down!

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Close your eyes and imagine your life without your care giving responsibilities. Take another minute to breathe in and breathe out. Care giving is challenging and rewarding, and by closing your eyes and breathing, you are able to feel the rewards and let go of the frustration that the challenges cause.

So the next time you are on your way out the door and something that your loved one does sets you on a downward spiral, step back, close your eyes, take a breath and just slow down. You will be less stressed and you will give yourself time to find the beauty and reward in every situation and really love your loved one!